LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery

Posted: August 27, 2016
LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery

Dead device? Catch a Pokecharge with LinearFlux's 3300mAh high-efficiency portable battery, and resume your hunt of the Doduo faster than you can say "Poke Balls." (And in the process, take a moment to relish the irony of stalking prey through your mama's neighbor's fat cat Willard's back yard for once, instead of the other way around. Haha, Willard, I see you eyeing me from the living room window. Suck it, fatty!)

The PokeCharger has a Lightning cable for charging the iPhone 5 and later, and also works with USB-compatible cables for charging Androids and other devices. The slim battery is built with 3.0 Amp HyperCharging technology, a fancy way of saying it should charge your phone twice as fast as a typical wall charger.

Pokemon fans can get some spare Pokejuice for 50% off for a limited time.

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