LimeFuel Lite 15,000mAh USB Battery Pack

Posted: August 14, 2014
LimeFuel Lite 15,000mAh USB Battery Pack

Juice up to the flow of 15,000mAh with LimeFuel's Lite USB battery pack, featuring 2 USB ports for dual charging and a digital display readout of remaining charging power. Just $34.99--36% off retail value--from the Dude Exclusives online store.

The beauty of LimeFuel external battery packs stems from the suckage of smartphones and tablets. Both that they suck up battery power like a 12-pound newborn on a teat, and that this inadequacy of smartphone and tablet batteries really sucks. Those I know who own such devices seem nothing but eternally tethered to charge cords and electrical outlets. It makes me wonder what the statistics on electrocution have done since their inception. Because I am very skeptical, based on the number of people I see drunk, freaking out about low batteries, and plugging in their phones at parties and bars, that we are exercising the safe plug-in practices we learned as children.

Uh, I wouldn't use that power strip. I just spilled my rum & Coke on it.

I don't care! I barely have one bar left and, like, 8 Instagrams to upload!

The LimeFuel Lite is an ultra portable 15,000mAh battery. It measures just 5.8" x 2.8" x 0.9" and weighs only 12 ounces. That's less than the fat wad of hundos I typically have on me on all counts.

Lites come with 2 USB ports so both you and a glomming friend can re-up your phones' batteries simultaneously (iPhone 5s batteries are 1570mAh, so the LimeFuel's 15,000mAh will handles both without incident). The pack also has enough power to charge larger devices, such as tablets, up to 3 times.

LimeFuel is compatible with all USB devices and has 500+ lifetime use cycles. Its Auto-on and Auto-off functions preserve battery charge when not in use.

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