Limefuel 20,000mAh Dual USB Battery Pack

By: on December 11, 2014

Upgrade. LimeFuel has funneled another 5,000mAh of charging power into its Lite USB battery pack, so now you can juice up to the flow of 20,000mAh on the go. It's kind of like dating a really hot girl and then once she hits 30 trading her in for her 25-year-old sister: all the same benefits of the original, but with just a little bit more mileage in her.

Lites come with 2 USB ports so both you and a glomming friend can re-up your phones' batteries simultaneously (iPhone 5s batteries are 1570mAh, so the LimeFuel's 15,000mAh will handles both without incident). The pack also has enough power to charge larger devices, such as tablets, up to 3 times.

The 20,000mAh LimeFuel Lite is fitted with 2 USB ports for dual charging and a digital display readout of remaining charging power. As a point of reference, iPhone 5 batteries are 1570mAh, so the LimeFuel's 20,000mAh will handle both your and your friend Cornelius' dead devices without incident. The pack also has enough power to charge larger devices, such as tablets, 2 to 4 times. It's ultra portable and just slightly larger and heavier than the 15,000mAh version at 6.4" x 3.1" x 0.9" and 15 ounces (in other words, taller with bigger boobs).

LimeFuel Lite is compatible with all USB devices and has 500+ lifetime use cycles. Its Auto-on and Auto-off functions preserve battery charge when not in use. Get your 20,000mAh device reanimator for just $34.99--58% off its $85 retail value--from the Dude Exclusives online store.

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