KZ Gear Floating Sunglasses

Posted: April 24, 2017
KZ Gear Floating Sunglasses
$39 - $39.99
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KZ Gear Sunglasses are the kind of floaters you'll be thankful for in the water. The TAC polarized sunglasses provide your typical 100% UV protection, plus have a polymethylpentene (TPX) frame construction that reduces their density to something less than 1. So when you lose them diving for a pretty lady's dropped earring, or falling off an Infla-A-Bull, the KZs will bob and chill at the surface, in wait of your recapture.

The floating shades come in Amazon colored and all black styles, both also in your choice of matte or glossy frames. The sunglasses also include soft and hard cases.

KZ Gear up for your lazy, hazy, crazy, rays-blocking days of summer for 20% for a limited time.

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