Kuel Dual USB Car Charger

Posted: July 29, 2014
Kuel Dual USB Car Charger

Kuel up with Spigen's compact, dual USB car charger, available for $10 off retail price for a limited time through the Dude Exclusives online store.

Thankfully, modern day technology not only enables us to catch up on entire seasons of TV shows in our cars during the gridlocked commute home from work, but also to charge the phone or tablet that's streaming them for us. Up to twice as fast as a wall charger with the Kuel's cigarette lighter insert and dual, 10W USB ports.

The Kuel car charger from Spigen will charge anything with boobs and a pulse...er, figuratively speaking. Literally, it will charge any USB-powered device, meaning all Apple and Android issues. Two at once if the devices are present and willing. The Kuel's built-in circuitry also protects phones and tablets from damage during charging.

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