KlikR Universal Remote Control

Posted: July 01, 2017
KlikR Universal Remote Control
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It's long been possible to be too lazy to get up to turn on the TV and change channels, but thanks to KlikR it's now possible to be too lazy to dig the remote out of the couch cushions too! KlikR is a little Bluetooth bug you can stick next to your TV (or any infrared RC device) to make it controllable pretty much instantly from your smartphone.

The KlicR app organizes all of your saved connected devices, pulls up the one you're currently commanding for navigation, and even allows for voice control. So can just tell the TV to turn itself on, or the circa 1996 stereo you can't part with to play "Hit Me Baby," and KlikR will crack the whip and make sure they do it.

Additional KlikR features include: QR code sharing with family and friends so others can share your home's setup; auto backup so your setup will restore when you trade in or lose your phone; and an insta-mute function that will pause or silence background noise when you get a call.

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