Kisha Smart Umbrella

Posted: March 16, 2015

Nothing makes me more irate than getting stuck in a downpour than getting stuck in a downpour with a flimsy, POS umbrella. The Kisha is a solid piece of rain-shielding construction made from 100% windproof and corrosion-proof materials. Its 16 polyurethane ribs provide a staunch, sumo-like structure that both holds its thick canopy in place and balance the umbrella's weight distribution in during use. Smooth opening and closing hardware ensure it won't take as long to jimmy your umbrella open as it does for the spring showers to pass, and that you won't pinch a nugget of skin off your middle finger trying to get into the revolving door and shut it at the same time. Yep. That's Kisha as umbrella.

Kisha as smart umbrella, though, that's where a good thing becomes...well...Bluetooth- and app-controlled like everything else these days.. In tandem with an iOS/Android Kisha app, this umbrella will give you daily weather updates, plus pushes when it feels you should bring your Kisha out with you. The app is also aware of your Kisha's location, so you'll never leave behind, lose, or risk falling prey to vicious umbrella thieves again. The app is also customizable with "safe" locations so that pushes and alerts will come through only when desired or appropriate.

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