Kisha Smart Umbrella

By: on March 16, 2015
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Nothing makes me more irate than getting stuck in a downpour than getting stuck in a downpour with a flimsy, POS umbrella. The Kisha is a solid piece of rain-shielding construction made from 100% windproof and corrosion-proof materials. Its 16 polyurethane ribs provide a staunch, sumo-like structure that both holds its thick canopy in place and balance the umbrella's weight distribution in during use. Smooth opening and closing hardware ensure it won't take as long to jimmy your umbrella open as it does for the spring showers to pass, and that you won't pinch a nugget of skin off your middle finger trying to get into the revolving door and shut it at the same time. Yep. That's Kisha as umbrella.

Kisha as smart umbrella, though, that's where a good thing becomes...well...Bluetooth- and app-controlled like everything else these days.. In tandem with an iOS/Android Kisha app, this umbrella will give you daily weather updates, plus pushes when it feels you should bring your Kisha out with you. The app is also aware of your Kisha's location, so you'll never leave behind, lose, or risk falling prey to vicious umbrella thieves again. The app is also customizable with "safe" locations so that pushes and alerts will come through only when desired or appropriate.

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Rain Shield

A 2012 red dot award winner for design concept, Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang's Rain Shield could make carrying an umbrella 1) somewhat stylish and 2) more than an exercise in futility. Its shield-like construction uses...

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The SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler

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Your wingman for summer has arrived. Well...its crowdfunding campaign has anyway. Like the Coolest Cooler before it, the SunDen hit Kickstarter this week seeking to consolidate and elevate, optimize and smartify all facets...

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Nunchuck Grips - Self-Defense Tool Storage Grips

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Squeeze hard and stay safe. Nunchuck Grips are a line of outdoor product grips whose hollow centers make way for your choice of quick-release personal safety gear. Install a pair of Nunchucks on your existing bike's handlebars...

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Unbreakable Slugger Umbrella

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Look at that dude standin' on his umbrella! Aw snap, he just wailed on an 80-pound heavy bag with it. Holy crap, now he used it to hack up a watermelon! That's sufficient enough evidence for me to believe the Unbreakable...

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Rechargeable Patio Umbrella Light

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This rechargeable patio umbrella light is for everyone who wants to have it both ways: an umbrella that blocks out the blaze of the sun in the daytime, and then recreates it at night. The donut light contains 28 LEDs...

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Upskirt Umbrella

Stripes or solids: what kind of panties make you want to make it rain? Aside from my girlfriend and my mama, I wonder how many ladies would slap me if I walked around town with a plaid upskirt shot printed on my umbrella....

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LED Lightsaber Flashlight Umbrella

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Battler of enemies from the sky teams up with battler of enemies from a galaxy far, far away with this LED Lightsaber Umbrella. If the Force is with you the umbrella's 25+" blade will light your way through the Dark Side...

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Vegetabrella Lettuce Umbrella

In the words of the great Lionel Richie, "You are the sun. You are the Romaine. That makes my life this foolish game." Seriously, Vegetabrella, you've reduced me to a career of Lionel and lettuce puns. Or I should say...

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The Kraken Umbrella

What I like about this Kraken umbrella is the inside, which features a giant Kraken. What I like significantly less about this Kraken umbrella is the outside, which features a mess of curlicued, doily-looking sea life...

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PowerShade Solar-Powered Beach Umbrella

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I can hear the naysaying negative Nellies now: The beach is for disconnecting!; Can't you enjoy nature for an hour without your laptop?; Why don't you just stay home, A-hole? Um, because I would like to get a tan, and...

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Smartphone Windblocker

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I hate talking on the phone, so in addition to whipping breezes and disruptive gusts, the Windblocker also blocks one of my best excuses for not doing it. Yeah, sorry, Mama, it's just so windy on my walk to work today...

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Head Dome Umbrella

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In the realms of both personal health and interpersonal communication, the Nubrella serves as an excellent form of preventative medicine. It will shield its wearer from everything from hostile weather conditions to airborne...