Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit

Posted: September 12, 2018
Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit

Kinkajou. The word sounds like it applies to a precocious, yet cuddly, mammalian sidekick that sits on your shoulder and surreptitiously swipes peoples' two-bite brownies and tubes of lip gloss during walks through the park. However, like Pomeranians, kinkajous are actually vicious, bear-like beasts with razor-sharp teeth capable of slicing perfect perforations through thick layers of glass. "Kinkajou", therefore, is a balls-on accurate name for Bottle Cutting Inc.'s compact, easily-applied glass bottle cutter.

Beer bottles, liquor bottles, wine bottles, fancy Perrier and Voss water bottles, any glass vessel whose contents have been sucked dry are contenders for Kinkajou bifurcation. And once your craftiness is complete? Use the beheaded glass to hold flowers, coins, your toothbrush, or--hey, hey, hey--the same liquid you drank to out of the bottle to make it ready for cutting.

Kinkajou creations can serve as containers for candles too. With the bottle cutter set here you'll also receive a pound of soy wax balls, 5 wooden wicks, 5 metal wick clips, and complete instructions for turning your old bottle of Bud into a lovely piece of ambient lighting for your mama. The Kinkajou itself comes with all of the components and instructions you'll need to cut and finish bottles of ranging from 43 to 102 mm in girth.

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit is on sale for 31% off retail price for a limited time.

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