Keyport Custom Keychain & Multi-Tool

Posted: June 29, 2015
Keyport Custom Keychain & Multi-Tool

The Keyport Slide masters the art of consolidation. Consolidation. I like that word. It conjures images of culling junk, making things tidier, increasing manageability and pleasantness. Even when the times my former bosses have told me we need to consolidate the company, and it turns out to be a passive corporate method of saying they're going to keep all of the revolutionizing work I've done, but fire me, I can't think poorly of it. And happily, this high-tech key-and-tool organizer applies the word in a way that doesn't result in my livelihood being ripped out from underneath me.

The Keyport Slide reduces EDC clutter with tidy storage for up to 6 keys and/or alternative implements in a device no bigger than a Tic Tac container. It accommodates the majority of key types, including many chipped-auto and high-security keys, as well as smaller keys that open mailboxes and padlocks. This Dude Exclusives deal also includes the following tool inserts: pen; mini-light; SC1 blade blank; KW1 blade blank; S-biner 0; Locksmith card.

Additional Keyport tools are available for separate purchase and infinite swapping at MyKeyport.com. Some examples: 4GB or 32GB flash drive; bottle opener; barcode holder. Each Keyport also has a unique serial number that, when registered, can be used to recover lost devices.

To find out more about the Keyport Slide, how to use it, and how to grab yours for 33% off, visit the Dude Exclusives online store.

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