Keyboard Waffle Iron

By: on November 16, 2015
Keyboard Waffle Iron

Q - W - buttE - R - T - sYrup. That spells Breakfast of Geektastic Champions with your new Keyboard Waffle Iron. Wireless and battery-free, this keyboard charges and functions atop your choice of power source--electric, gas, or open flame.

Though not labelled individually, the Keyboard Waffle Iron's design does include place holders for 60 standard letters, numbers, special characters, and typist's functions, all symmetrically shaped, dug out, and non-stick-coated to receive your favorite batter. The iron itself is made of lightweight die-cast aluminum fitted with a Bakelite heat-resistant handle for waffle flipping. The package also comes with a 20-strong digital recipe booklet, including vegan and gluten-free waffle options.

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