Keramikus Knife Set

By: on March 09, 2016
Keramikus Knife Set

Art Lebedev makes cool 3D doormats, and Art Lebedev makes cool black knives. He probably makes other things that are decent too, but it's dumping rain on me today and I want some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight (hint to She-Ra: Princess of Power) so foot-wiping and food-chopping tools are the only ones I care about right now. You might be interested too to hear Lebedev's Keramikus black knife set is on sale for 50% off from Dude Exclusives (limited time only).

The 3-piece ceramic knife set includes 3 blackout styles: Vegetus for paring; Usubus for slicing and chopping; and Shefus for shefusing. The blades have been furnace-hardened for strength and resistance to both rust and bacteria, and fitted with faceted handles. Beware, however, of dropping them, as ceramic will break in half.

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