Kasa Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs

Posted: June 17, 2017
Kasa Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs
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Mi Kasa es su Kasa. At least in the sense that this 2-pack of LED low energy Bluetooth light bulbs is up for grabs at 44% off through the Dude Exclusives online store.

Paired with their app the Kasa light bulbs allow you to program your entire home's lighting scheme, and set lamps and lights to go on / off, or change their output according to any daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You'll be able to choose from 16 million colors to achieve your perfect time-of-the-day or mood-of-the-moment lighting too.

The eco-friendly Kasa bulbs have a 15,000-hour expected lifespan and 600-lumen brightness. You can control up to 32 of them from a single account on your smartphone.

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