JAK Knife Smoker's Multi-Tool

Posted: October 10, 2016
JAK Knife Smoker's Multi-Tool

The Swiss Army: Neutral and regimented. The Jamaican Army: JAK-ed. Up. The Jamaican Army Knife is just as handy of a multi-tool as its European counterpart, but given that one country is known for its watches and cheese and the other for its reggae and spicy chicken, I think it's pretty obvious Jamaica's version is going to have some special surprises tucked into its folds.

The JAK Knife is a multi-tool built especially for smokers. Where you may have found a toothpick and nail file in Switzerland's ides of EDC, you'll find a poker and one-hit pipe in Jamaica's. And roach clips. And a pipe tamper. You'll get a few standard tools too, including the customary knife, scissors, bottle opener, and LED flashlight.

JAK up your own pocket for 20% off for a limited time.

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