iVUE Crossfire Photo & Video Glasses

Posted: November 18, 2014
iVUE Crossfire Photo & Video Glasses

I believe in transparency. So if you're a dude wearing a camera, I prefer it to be on your head rather than hidden inside sunglasses all covert and devious. (And for the record, if you're a lady wearing clothes I prefer them to consist of a sheer top and yoga pants that go peek-a-boo! see-through when you bend over.) But for those of you who don't care what I prefer, here are some photo- and video- enhanced shades from iVUE.

Eliminating the feeling of walking around with a bulky sixth appendage, the iVUE sunglasses have a lightweight, 1.5-ounce frame, 1.88mm thick polarized lenses, and a weather-resistant shell. And, of course, mad hands-free action shot recording skills. (They can also stealthily snap photos of girls who, unlike you, are complying with my transparency stipulation.)

The glasses' vibrating alerts signal start/stop recording, which takes place through a 720P wide angle lens, with video at 30 fps. Time/date stamp and noise reduction features are also built in. iVUEs work with both Mac and PC platforms. Get yourself a pair or gift one to your friend Cornelius at 30+% off retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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