iSafe Drive Lite

By: on April 16, 2016
iSafe Drive Lite
$69 - $99
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The iSafe Drive Lite is a 32GB or 64GB high-speed storage and streaming drive designed specifically for hauling data between iOS devices and computers. It is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, plus iOS 7.0+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 5th Gen+, and iPad 4th Gen+. iSafe is also MFi-certified, a designation creator Savvi Solutions says is the first for a portable drive.

In addition to lickety split file transfer, the iSafe Drive Lite can also assist in swapping out music and contacts between your phone and desktop, and stream media directly while on-the-go, without hogging space on your connected device's internal storage.

As a backup of sensitive data and alternative to the cloud, the iSafe uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy. Savvi Solutions notes this is the same encryption used by the US government, which...no comment.

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