Ionix T101 Vaporizer

Posted: August 09, 2016
Ionix T101 Vaporizer

Some notable IONIX T101 vaporizer characteristics include: it's semi-portable, for tabletop use and backpack transport; it doesn't need a torch to get going, and is ready to deliver in a seconds; and it is "made for any tolerance level." That last is one I haven't seen listed as a vape selling point before. But now that I have, I think someone should establish a numerical smoking tolerance scale that all inhalation accessories incorporate into their stat sheets. Like Scoville units. Just so that some dude's little sister doesn't bring her new bong to try out at your friend Cornelius' party, and then choke up her Chipotle all over the living room carpet again.

The IONIX T101 has a trio of activators that can operate all at once, or one at a time. It stands 11" tall and 3.75" in diameter. The kit includes the vaporizer, a base, a battery unit, borosilicate mouthpiece, cleaning spoon, 12-pack of replacement coils, a microUSB cable, and a wall charger. It also includes a 34% discount on purchase price for a limited time.

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