iBlazr Smartphone LED Flash & Flexible Charger

By: on April 29, 2015

A small square LED flash with its own self-contained battery (so it won't make your device's even crappier), iBlazr inserts into the audio jack of smartphones and tablets, or mounts to DSLRs to synchronize with their existing systems, and deliver qualitatively superior photographs and videos to anyone engaging in photographic and video pursuits.

Four American CREE LEDs comprise the iBlazr flash, whose light emanates through 70-degree optics designed by the iBlazr Lab to serve any smartphone's or tablet's camera, both front and back. For phones and DSLRs, the flash endeavors to improve photo quality and exposure possibilities and for tablets make nighttime photography possible at all, given that many do not come equipped with a flash. iBlazr includes a flash mode, constant light mode, and strobe mode, plus has adjustable brightness and a no red-eye effects option.

As mentioned, unlike GPS navigation and conversations with your girlfriend, iBlazr will not drain your smart device's battery. Its built-in 200 mAh power source has enough juice to supply over 1,000 flashes, or up to 40 minutes in full-power, constant-light mode, per charge. Here, iBlazr units also ship with a silicon diffuser, cold shoe mount for digital cameras, and their own 36mm long flexible USB chargers, which look like a pipe cleaner and also that eyeball that came out of Kim Basinger's purse in My Stepmother Is an Alien.

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iblazr LED Flash for Smartphones

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Is iblazr truly the "first fully synchronized flash for iPhone, iPad, and Android"? I don't know, what do I look like, a fact checker? Someone who takes the time to verify the information he relays? I'll tell you one...