Holiday Laser LED Firefly Lights

Posted: October 10, 2017
Holiday Laser LED Firefly Lights
$41.99 - $86.99
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Oh the trouble Clark Griswold could have saved himself if only he'd gone on Christmas vacation in the 2010s. Nowadays one little staked Firefly box fitted with one pint-sized disco ball connected to one tiny projector are all it takes to alight the side of your house, or any area up to 40' high x 60' wide, with an LED illusion of falling red and green snow.

The laser LED Firefly Lights project holiday cheer without the legwork. They beam out a virtual festive snow at the touch of a button, and if you go with the moving laser LED Firefly Lights, they'll do it in custom flake sizes and fall rates.

Three sets of LED Firefly Lights, a single unit, a 2-pack, and the moving laser version, are available at a 65% to 75% discount for a limited time.

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