HideMyAss! VPN

Posted: June 08, 2017
HideMyAss! VPN
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Hide my ass! Once a command used almost exclusively by people changing clothes or getting ogled by a creep, the prying eyes and restrictive servers of the internet have given it a whole new meaning, and value to those making the request. Web security software company AVG has gone ahead and appropriated the phrase for their high-speed VPN service, HideMyAss!

HideMyAss! describes exactly what many of us want when we're browsing online these days, particularly in places that block access to certain websites based on our location, or those where we're using a public WiFi connection. PC Mag named the HMA! VPN one of the Best VPN Services of 2016 thanks to its ability not only to do what it say it do, but also do it fast.

Unlike other slow and pokey VPNs, HideMyAss! says it will maintain your high-speed browsing experience while in use. You'll also be able to access 930+ VPN servers in over 190 countries, and keep your identity and private information secure from hackers and, ahem, government officials.

The listing here is for 65% off a 2-year subscription to HideMyAss! It includes unlimited bandwidth, and can be used on all internet-enable devices running Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, including TVs and game consoles. You can also browse with HideMyAss! active on 2 devices at once.

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