Guitar Wing Bluetooth MIDI Controller

Posted: May 20, 2015

Fiddle with your last foot pedal, trip over your last cord, and curse your last MIDI controller. The wireless, self-contained Guitar Wing slips over the top body of nearly any size guitar or bass to bring music software and plug-ins to your jam sessions and performances. Via a Bluetooth connection to its dedicated receiver Guitar Wing imports DAW, plug-ins, virtual instruments, and other music applications to your picking fingertips. No drivers or electric leashes required

Guitar Wing enables play with applications such as Ableton Logic, Garage Band, and Protools, as well as functions on its own with its cross platform app WingFX. WingFX includes instant access to effects, filters, samples, and more. The MIDI controller can also connect to outboard MIDI gear.

Guitar Wing's setup is simple: take it out of the box; charge it; slide it on your instrument; rock out. Fully charged it provides up to 8 hours of wireless play. The Guitar Wing package is available for a limited time at 12% off retail price from Dude Exclusives. It includes a black Guitar Wing, USB charging cable, wireless USB receiver, safety strap, and adjustable rubber bumper pack to fit the controller to your guitar.

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