GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug

Posted: December 27, 2016
GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug & Beans

In an attempt to address the issues of saving money, supporting green, running late, and being bored, Hey Joe has developed a travel mug that brews its own coffee. The GoJoe is a self-contained purveyor of caffeine that hopes to eliminate: dropping $2.50/day on Starbucks drip; tossing out mountainous piles of paper cups; skipping or forgetting the only good thing about your morning because you were supposed to be at work 10 minutes ago; and falling asleep during boring meetings, lectures, and phone calls with girls who Never. Stop. Talking.

The GoJoe travel mug contains two sections, separated into compartments at the halfway point. The top part holds 10 ounces of water and a Hey Joe coffee pod (looks like a raised disc packet sealed with coffee filters); the bottom is the Hey Joe rechargeable battery that drives the brewing process. After pod and water have been added, you'll brew by pushing the GoJoe's center button, once for light brew and twice for strong.

The GoJoe battery detaches for recharging, and takes about 45 minutes of plug-in time per brew. You can use the filled half of the to-go mug without the battery attached.

Get your GoJoe self-brewer, plus a 30-day supply of Hey Joe coffee pods, for 43% off for a limited time.

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