Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna

Posted: February 05, 2016
Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna

One time in 2005 my ex-girlfriend with the black heart of ice, Karen, broke up with me and moved out. And--and!--took the TV. I was without one for almost 3 days because I didn't have a car at the time and had to wait until lunch hour at work the following Monday to get our summer intern drive me to Best Buy. I've always considered the TV I bought that day a trophy of Freedom, and I still use it.

It's definitely not HD.

The Ghost antenna is for those of you out there like me, those who cling to your analog televisions as signifiers of your independence from horrible women. Or, you know, because you're too lazy to throw it out.

This indoor antenna receives HDTV and digital signals from local stations up to 35 miles away. Watch the news, the network sitcoms, the Judge Judy. Get one just in time for March Madness without shelling out to the cable company.

The Ghost is so named for its ultra-thin profile and blending appearance; it's just 1.2" thick and hangs with either a black side or a white side displayed. It works with any TV having an "ANT IN" port, and any wallet having at least $15.99 inside. That's 57% off standard retail price, and available to Dude readers for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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