FYL Built-In Charger Bags

Posted: August 27, 2015
FYL Built-In Charger Bags

FYL bags. They're For Your Lost charger. For Your Laziness in not wanting to carry one with you. For Your eLation in realizing you're not SOL after all. For all Your eLectrical needs when your smartphone's battery goes kaput. Available in both messenger and backpack styles, FYL bags all contain 11,000mAh USB chargers for saving the day, or just providing a convenient 21st century service, when your phone is running low. Each pack of juice has enough juice to re-juice a smartphone 4 to 7 times.

In addition, FYL bags have padded interior compartments sized for a laptop, plus easy-access exterior pockets for smaller items, and the aforementioned smartphone. The Jorg and Dustin Messenger Bags have a classic, casual design with spacious interiors and snap closures. Jorgs come in Black or Brown/Green and Dustins in Blue. The backpack-style Mapmaker shares the other FYLs' aesthetic, but has a larger profile, and opens from both the sides and the top to cut down on digging. It comes in Cream.

And all 4 FYL bags come at a 49% discount for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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