Freez-dom Ringer Cooler & Speaker

By: on June 05, 2015
Freez-dom Ringer Cooler & Speaker

Nothing captures the beauty of America like pulling a cold beer out of a cooler doused in stars and stripes and blasting "Born in the USA". And July 4th is just a month away.

The Freez-dom is a soft cooler with a statement, packing in up to 18 cans (domestic only, please) while proudly blasting out what team you're on. And speaking of blasting out, this drink chiller is also equipped with removable speakers and 50mm drivers, so if you pick the right song it will literally scream patriotism.

The Freezdom is dust- and shock-proof. Its speakers connect via USB cord to any device that plays music from a 3.5mm jack. Get yours for 16% off retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.