FEZ Vaporizer

Posted: November 24, 2016
FEZ Vaporizer
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Forget the moonshine and noise-cancelling headphones, all you really need to get through the holidays is a sprinkle of the magical leaf that evaporates all your troubles, and a solid vaporizer with which to administer it less odiferously so your stuck up Aunt Jan doesn't start sniffing around the house squawking, "What is that smell?! What?! Is?! That?! Smell?!"

I also find it way more helpful than a 5K run in making room in my belly for secondsies of pumpkin, apple, and chocolate pecan pie.

The FEZ is one fine bearer of calm and appetite that also happens to be on Black Friday special for 28% off. Designed specifically for "dry flower consumption" this vape pen is small, simple, and black. The FEZ charges via a laptop USB, and then needs just 60 seconds to heat up. From there you'll have your choice of temperature settings to maximize your chosen bud's flavors and aromatics, plus up to 2,000 puffs before you need to recharge. FEZ creators also report their vaporizer's design eliminates toxic compounds on the intake.

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