Explorer Pro Selfie Stick

By: on April 08, 2015
Explorer Pro Selfie Stick

From weapons of mass destruction to implements of overt self-adulation. I think selfie sticks are the next atrocity we've got to worry about destroying humanity. But until that happens, I need a rugged and robust one to accompany me to concerts, festivals, and on other outdoor adventures (e.g., hiking, camping, walking home from the bar drunk as a skunk...a skunk who just drunk 5 Jameson & Cokes that were very light on the Coke). If you do too, Wireless One's Explorer Pro will take you a step up from the standard selfie stick.

The Explorer Pro has a thick, sturdy handle with a built-in Bluetooth shutter remote and photographer's-quality stabilizer for shots that stay straight and clear even in unsteady or precarious situations. Such as near a wild animal or on a cliff, both of which rank in the Top 15 Smartest Times/Places to Take a Selfie. The telescoping Explorer Pro stick extends up to 5' and angles to your best side with its pivotable head. It is compatible with all Apple and most Android phones, as well as most action and standard cameras.

Get your Explorer Pro for 30% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives. The package includes 1 selfie stick (weight is 1 pound), a wrist strap, and the Bluetooth shutter remote.