Doxie One Portable Scanner

By: on June 11, 2014

The Doxie One could have solved a problem I encountered a few weeks ago when I hauled out the 15-pound hp scanner I bought in 2003 to transfer some hard documents to my laptop. Everyone in the room started laughing at me and was like, Who uses a scanner anymore?! What're you gonna scan the photos from that 35mm roll of film you just got developed? Haha! Loser! And I was like, Shut up, Mama! How else am I supposed to turn my handwritten last will and testament and poster of Kelly Kapowski into digital files?

If my mama had been helpful instead of chastising, she would have told me about the Doxie One, a portable scanner that requires no computer connection to scan just about anything with flexure. Photos, bills, receipts, reports, drawings, recipes, business cards, whatever you want to turn from solid to data state of matter. In addition, the battery-operated Doxie One weighs less than a pound and measures only 10.5" long x 1.7" tall x 2.2" deep so you can take it with you pretty much anywhere you'd need to scan on the go.

Once documents have been fed through the Doxie belt, a process that takes about 8 seconds for full color sheets at 300 dpi, its included 2 GB SD memory card stores them until you're ready to transfer to a Mac or PC. The scanner card uploads to either of these systems, and from there users can organize scans, create searchable PDFs, and send to the cloud (e.g., Evernote, Dropbox) with a click.

A Doxie app capable of creating JPEG, PNG, or searchable PDFs with OCR is also included in the Doxie One scanner package. Grab one from the Dude Exclusives online store for 33% off while supplies last!

The Doxie One portable scanner is a top Dude Gift for the Office pick.

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Motiv Ring - Fitness Tracker & Sleep Tracker

$199 from Motiv »

Say "I do" to Motiv and the ring will be your loyal fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor 'til death do you part. Day and night, at home or in the gym, even in the shower and pool. Even if you gain a...

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The USB Kill 2.0 Computer Killer

$49.95 from USB Kill »

If you're using a USB Kill stick you're either pen-testing, trashing your old PC for recycling, or being very, very...very evil. Come on now, I know he cooks eggs in the staff room microwave, and eats beef & bean burritos...

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i.Con Smart Condom Penis Tracker

British Condoms' i.Con isn't the first sexual fitness tracker to make the rounds in the UK--back in 2014 Bondara teased, but then never released the SexFit. At printing, i.Con was doing the same. Teasing your eager overachiever...

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Hideez Digital Key

$49 from Hideez »

The Hideez Key is your 9-gram knight in digital armor. The password storage and protection device uses Bluetooth (specifically RXP proximity profile of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy communication protocol) to sense and connect...

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$100 3D Printer


July 2016 Update: I received the following email from a Dude reader this week: "Hey, just a heads up, I just checked their page and the inventor says that the business partner stole people's money whom invested in this...

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Lighthouse - Free & ISP-Free Internet

Sold Out from Amazon »

To be clear, the Internet flies in only one direction down Outernet's information superhighway*. Each day, a 1 GB dose of data funnels through a dish antenna and lands in the company's Lighthouse receiver, where it is...

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Nanoform Sapphire Eternal Storage Disk

$284 - $632 from Fahrenheit 2451 »

Sapphire isn't just a name Fahrenheit 2451 gave their Nanoform storage disk because they thought it looked dreamy photographed against that shade of blue background. Rather, the Nanoform disk itself is made from 2 thin...

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MATRIX PowerWatch - Powered by Body Heat

$129 - $159 from MATRIX »

Three things come to mind when I see MATRIX's forthcoming PowerWatch: 1) The movie The Matrix; 2) The word "manpower," and 3) The saying, "If you want something done right, you better do it yourself." The MATRIX PowerWatch...

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Kodak Photo Printer Dock

$139.99 from Amazon »

Uh, a printed 4 x 6 selfie on the fridge where only me and my 3 friends who come over will be able to see it, rather than a digital selfie posted to Instagram where all 976 of my "friends"--plus maybe millions of other...

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MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer Kit

$1,299 from Makerbot »

If you're not familiar with 3D printers yet, it's time to start familiarizing yourself. A 3D printer actually "prints" an object you design on your computer by laying down successive layers of material. This offers the...

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Mother - Home & Life Sensor System

$222 from Sen.se »

I don't know about the name "Mother." This home and life sensor system's creators say they chose it because Mother takes care us. Our safety, our fitness. Our comfort and joy. She makes our lives "serene, healthy and...

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eora 3D - Smartphone-Powered 3D Scanner

$229 - $319 from eora 3D »

eora 3D says they've created the first 3D scanner that is as precise as it is affordable. And they might be right. eora 3D scans an array of physical objects and surfaces to sub-100 microns, with scans captured in full-color...