Diem Duffel Bag

Posted: December 24, 2016
Diem Duffel Bag
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I need a Diem Duffel Bag to carry home all the loot I'm gonna get at my gf's parents house tomorrow morning. And I need that same Diem Duffel Bag to carry it all back to the mall where I'll return it for loot I really want. Snowflake scarf and wool socks...poof!...become Wild Guns Reloaded for PS4.

The Diem Duffel Bag is made of a water-resistant nylon outer and contains a waterproof, machine-washable laundry insert to store dirty clothes. At 21" x 8.5" x 12.25" it also meets carry-on specifications if you want to use it to travel on a plane instead of the returns line.

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