Darts Connect Online Dartboard

Posted: November 09, 2017
Darts Connect Online Dartboard

Darts Connect caught my attention because it's not often that I think someone besides me has a really good idea*. Darts masters who don't have time, or the inclination to battle the weather, to hit the bar, plus those with dartboards at home, but no (worthy) competition around to play with should be stoked to see the Darts Connect system: this online dartboard uses WiFi to pit you against players worldwide.

Link up with a friend across town or a stranger in Cape Town to play some Cricket or 501 in real time using the Darts Connect electronic dartboard, accompanying Mac or Android app, and your smart device. Through the app you can choose your game mode and proficiency level, as well as whether you want to pair up with a friend on the system or an unknown competitor. It also has a texting function so you can interact with your opponents if you want. During play a built-in wide angle camera on the Connect dartboard will stream a live view of your gameplay.

The Dart Connect board is made with a double layer of EVA for noise reduction, and hangs with 3M damage-free strips. It is a 15-1/2" international standard soft tip board, powered by USB or 4 x AA batteries.

Darts Connect dartboard come in black and white, and at a $30 discount for a limited time.

*Ha! Just kidding! I think it's pretty much only people besides me who have really good ideas.

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