Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallets

Posted: February 13, 2018
Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet
$89.99 - $134.99
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Cash, check*, card, or crypto? If you've graduated from mere paper and plastic to the digital currency worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dogecoin, Deep Onion, Tron, Elecroneum, ZCoin...did I miss any?...here's a wallet to help you stash all of it. slimTECH's Cryptolite cold storage wallet is a portable crypto-bank that gives carriers instant access to their hard-mined currency, as well as holds more traditional monies between its expandable plates.

Cryptolite wallets have an NFC-embedded chip for receiving cryptocurrencies via your public key. The chip is laid inside one of two CNC-machined plates, made from your choice of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum or a combination of aluminum and 6K carbon fiber. All wallets have hand-sanded edges, as well as hand-bonding of the plates.

Cryptolite wallets can hold between 1 and 12 cards, and offer RFID blocking when cards are stored between the plates, plus easy access via a bottom cutaway. The wallets also have a removable money strap on the back. They come in 5 colors and styles, and slimTECH is offering your choice of Cryptolite wallet at a 28% to 32% discount for a limited time.

*And really just cash, card, or crypto, because when's the last time anyone under the age of 50 wrote a check? Oh wait, I take that back. If I'm at the grocery store and in a hurry, I guarantee you there's at least an 80% probability the person in front of me will whip out a checkbook to pay. And they won't make a single pen stroke on the thing until all groceries have been rung up and bagged. Any then they'll write in slow, deliberate cursive, with a wrinkled brow and the tip of their tongue sticking out the side of their mouth, like Mrs. Finley is hovering over them with a ruler. You people. I hope the handles on your reusable grocery bags break when you're carrying them into the house.

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