Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle

By: on September 09, 2015
Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle

Grab your complete Arduino Starter Kit and course bundle for 85% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives and you'll get all the parts and guidance you need to build your own circuits, make an RC car, and develop an Internet-connected environment monitoring gadget. The package includes 4 separate kits. They are:

ARDX Arduino Starter Kit. An illustrated guide leads you through the circuit-building process. No previous experience (or soldering) is required to use the kit's Arduino control lights, buzzers, and more. The set includes 13 circuits, each with a breadboard layout and an Arduino Uno. Master the basics to control motors on any device from robots to mood lights.

Arduino Step-by-Step "Your Guide to the Internet of Things" Course. A 19-hour tutorial on basic Arduino hardware and programming environment concepts. Over 99 lectures will help teach you to program in the Arduino prototyping platform, understand the principles of programming micro-controllers, use many types of sensors and components, and connect your Arduino to the Internet for reporting and controlling.

Arduino "Make a Remote-Controlled Car" Course. Just as it sounds. Follow a step-by-step guide to convert an existing, yet mind-numbingly boring RC car into a custom hot rod with your personal stamp on it. The course contains 29 lectures taught over 4 hours.

Beginning Arduino "Make Your Own Environment Monitor System" Course. Utilize the Arduino prototyping board to build an Internet-connected gadget that will monitor your environment and upload the sensor data to a free cloud logging service, as well as display it on an LCD screen.