Code Black Drone

Posted: September 06, 2015
Black Hawk Drone

The Code Black Drone is a limited edition in matte black that prides itself on stability during flight and being a skilled aerial acrobat. A Batmodrone, if you will. I will.

With a quadcopter design, on-board video camera, and palm-sized compactness, the Code Black Drone looks pretty cool. Even better, it's available at Summer Blowout! prices from Dude Exclusives at a 50% discount. Get the Code Black with onboard HD camera for $99 instead of $199 for a limited time.

The Code Black Drone flies and 4-ways flips nearly effortlessly with 6-axis gyro technology, capturing video footage of its smooth, non-vomit-inducing antics along the way. Flight time is about 10 minutes per charge, optionally via computer with a USB cable, and charging takes just 30 minutes. The CBD is ready to fly out of the box and includes Beginner and Expert user modes. Dimensions are 3.15" x 3.15" x 0.98".

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