Clever Doormats

Posted: October 20, 2016
Clever Doormats

Aw man, I think Clever Doormats is sold out of their "This Is Not a Meth Lab" foot wiper o' welcome. No matter. I'm sure Walter and Jesse will enjoy the "Ed McMahon Welcome" mat too. I hear Ed's a very loyal client. How else do you think he got to be...

...oh. Dead. Sorry about that, Ed. See kids! Don't mess with meth!

Clever Doormats produces an extensive line of simple but witty mats for your front door, back entry, or wherever you want to give visitors the heads up as to what kind of establishment they're about to step into. Mats range from cheesy ("This Is a Mediocre Doormat") to cheesier ("Beware of Dog Wife") for all you queso fans out there.

For a limited time, you can grab a 50% off certificate for your choice of any Clever Doormat here. Dimensions are 15.75" x 23.6"

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