ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack

Posted: March 25, 2015
ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack

ChugPlug. That has a nice flow to it. In name and in function alike, according to this portable MacBook power pack. The ChugPlug delivers a consistent 3 to 4 hours of extra charge to a MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro when an outlet is inaccessible or nowhere to be found. Long flight or car trip? Nice day for working outside? Arm yourself with a legitimate means of making it through half a season of Game of Thrones or the 5,000-word proposal you're writing rather than settling for whatever measly battery life your notoriously crap-stuffed Apple issue has to offer.

The ChugPlug portable power pack integrates with existing MacBook power cords without adding additional cables, and connects to MagSafe adapters for easy, seamless use. It was a TPN Innovator Pick Award Winner at CES 2014 and iLounge 2014 Best of Show winner.

The ChugPlug is available at 34% off retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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