ChargeKey - Key-Sized Charging Cable

By: on August 15, 2014
ChargeKey - Key-Sized Charging Cable

Save a few bucks on the ChargeKey this week and next. It's on sale for $24.99 from the Dude Exclusives online store.

An easy way to re-up from anywhere, the ChargeKey is a phone-to-USB-port charging device sized to fit seamlessly on your keychain. It is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone models. The listed link to the Dude Exclusives online store features the ChargeKey for iPhone 5/5S/5C, plus iPad and iPad Mini. Click here for the Android version.

ChargeKey charges compatible tech from any USB port without adding the bulk and weight of a cord. The ultra-thin piece blends in with the rest of your unlocking mechanisms for quick access when you need it. Plus, while you might regularly forget a charger in your rush to leave the house, you never forget your keys.


Well, maybe just that once.