Carteret Flameless USB Lighter

Posted: April 07, 2016
Carteret Flameless USB Lighter

Hey, it's a Zippo without the...zip. And without the weather restrictions too. The Carteret Flameless USB (or, as I like to call it, Billy the Puppet Cheeks) Lighter fires up everything from your bowls to your kindling come rain, wind, or shine. Literally. The brushed metal casing houses a high-degree output beam heating mechanism that requires no fluid or gas to ignite, and produces no flame ripe for bullying by the weather, or your friend Cornelius who is already high and thinks blowing out your Bic every time you flick it is funny.

The Carteret's flamelessness means it's also: 1) rechargeable, in this case via a slide-out USB that will ignite for around 50 uses per charge; and 2) TSA-approved for carry-on. Of course, unless you're jonesing for a large fine or jail time, you probably should not use the Carteret to light anything once you're on the plane. During (appropriate) use the lighter has a charging indicator to let you know when it's ready to go, plus a 15-second auto-safety shutoff.

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