Car Plug-In Air Purifier

Posted: February 07, 2017
Car Plug-In Air Purifier

One round of Taco Bell and my girlfriend won't set ass in my car for a week. The scent of Cheesy Double Beef Burrito lingers, the scent of Soft Taco Supreme lingers, the scent of what Cheesy Double Beef Burritos and Soft Taco Supremes do to me lingers.... Now I'm not sure this Car Plug-In Air Purifier is any match for a run to the border, but given that I have to spend 7 straight nights riding around in She-Ra: Princess of Power's Prius every time my car gets decommissioned by stench, I'm willing to give it a try.

The Car Plug-In Air Purifier contains a built-in ionizer that, when plugged into your vehicle's outlet, cleans the air of odors and filters out allergens such as dust and pollens. Dander, bacteria, cig smoke, dirty gym socks, even that which Yo can't help but Quiero every now and then are drawn in and neutralized, with no additional fragrance left in their wake.

Grab a Car Plug-In Air Purifier for your ride for $19.99 for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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