Cafflano All-in-One Coffee Maker

By: on February 20, 2016
Cafflano All-in-One Coffee Maker

Get it to-go from start to finish with the Cafflano Klassic, a coffee grinder, brewer, and insulated mug all in one. And all stacked, packed, and ready for travel.

Cafflano's set includes a hand-crank grinder to break down your favorite beans, which then nestle into a stainless steel filter dripper for hot water pour over. A cylindrical kettle with a diamond-shaped spout spearheads drip- and spill-free transfer of liquid to grounds. Brewed coffee trickles into an insulated 13-1/2-ounce tumbler cup for caffeine consumption.

The Cafflano Klassic requires no filters, pods, or packets and cleans easily post-brewing. Its grinder holds up to 30g of fresh coffee beans, which brewers can grind to their preferred coarseness.

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