Buttermere Custom Forged Blades

Posted: December 28, 2017
Buttermere Custom Forged Blades

Buttermere. Like a portmanteau of butter and cashmere. Sounds so smooth and soft, but really it...cuts like a kniiiife! But if feels so right! Buttermere Blades' handmade knives won't be your most cuddly companions, but the Damascus-style folders, straight blades, and kitchen knives will add some decadence to your life.

And might be the perfect landing spot for that wad of cash you got from Grandma, especially since your choice of 9 different Buttermere knives are going for 50% off their retail value for a limited time.

Based out of England, Buttermere Blades make 364-layer Damascus steel knives. Each is hand forged and ground, and then oil-tempered to 58-60HRC on a C-Scale. Handles are also custom and hand-shaped, treated, sealed, and polished. All Buttermere knives come with a custom fit buffalo leather belt sheath. Yep, even the Raindrop Damascus Japanese Chef Kitchen Knife. In case your services as a mincer of garlic and julienner of carrots are required on-the-go.

In addition to a chef's knife, Buttermere Blades also has discounted offers on skinning knives, folding hunting knives, and straight razor blades.

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