BTunes Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

By: on January 01, 2016
BTunes Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

If you really want wireless headphones, it's not that cost prohibitive anymore just to buy a pair of wireless headphones. But if you already have a pair you love, and are finding their wires behaving more like tethers that are cramping your style and restricting your dance moves, VOXOA has a solution for you. The business end of the company's BTunes Bluetooth adapter is fitted with a jack that plugs into your existing pair of wired headphones to turn them wireless.

VOXOA promises that using BTunes to mod your Beats, B&Os, or Boses will maintain the same Hi-Fi sounds with CD-quality audio you're used to, plus provide the option of using your headphones to make hands-free calls. The adapter weighs just 0.5 ounces and has a 10-hour play time per charge.

BTunes adapters are available in 3.5mm and 2.5mm jack models, with a wide range of headphone compatibility. Head over to the Dude Exclusives online store to see if BTunes will fit your tunes set, and also to grab a pair for 30% off retail value for a limited time.