Brik LEGO-Compatible Wall Tiles

Posted: November 06, 2017
Brik LEGO-Compatible Wall Tiles
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Even though it's a young'un doing the Brik Wall Tile demo in the LEGO-compatible adhesive bases' marketing materials, don't feel like you can't get a set for yourself. LEGO is a classic. It's ageless. It transcends the generational divide.

Plus, if Huxley at the desk next door can cover his in prisms and crystals and moldy 8-week-old mushrooms he claims have good qi, why can't you build a LEGO cat giving him the paw on the wall behind yours?

Brik Tiles peel-and-stick onto most smooth surfaces - vertical or horizontal - to provide a base for building whatever LEGO masterpiece your heart desires, your brain conceives, and your dexterous hands execute. Design simple or complex pieces of artwork, or make your Briks functional with protruding nubs to restrain and organize cables, or small shelves to hold supplies and...prisms, crystals, and 8-week-old mushrooms.

Each Brik Tile measures 10" x 10", and you can obviously align as many as you want to cover your desired surface area. The listing here includes 4 x Brik Tiles in white, blue, or black, along with 600 building Briks in case you're short on actual LEGOs.

The set also includes a Brik removal tool that will clear tiles in a single swipe to make way for your latest inspiration. Brik Wall Tile sets are going for 37% off retail value for a limited time.

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