Brain Jr. DIY MIDI Controller Kit

By: on May 28, 2015
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I wonder if there's a Brain Sr. or if this Brain Jr. MIDI controller is like Carl's Jr., thriving and making delicious burgers/music despite its apparent lack of a parental figure to guide it. The DIY kit lets you build and create a fully customized plug-and-play MIDI device regardless of your electronics background. An included omni board connects buttons, LEDs, faders, and knobs in thousands of different configurations, no wiring, drivers, or complex programming required.

Brain Jr. is powered by a single USB connection to produce class-compliant MIDI communication with your computer. The DIY kit comes with:

  • Brain Jr.
  • Omni breakout shield
  • 2 x Omni boards
  • 16 x blue LEDs
  • 4 x 1" x 4" omni keypads
  • 1 x 4" x 4" omni spacer layer
  • 16 x rotary potentiometers
  • 20 x capacitors
  • 4 x ribbon cables
  • 5 x pin headers
  • 3 x header capacitors

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