Braided 10' MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

Posted: June 15, 2015
Braided 10' MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

This durable braided cable for charging all lightning-compatible devices is 10' long. That's great news for the 80% of my city's population that plug their phones into random dusty corner outlets in bars and restaurants and waiting rooms. Because now instead of hanging out in the random dusty corner to mind the phone they'll be able to take it back to their seats and continue to dink around with touchscreens while abstaining from talking to the people they came with in a way less antisocial way. Everyone wins!

Except the girl teetering around in 3" heels who trips over the 10' cord and face plants, but oh well. The cable is sheathed in sturdy nylon. It will be fine.

The MFi-certified cable also facilitates charging up using remote outlets at home without having to leave a phone or tablet on the floor for dogs and kids to seize, and, my favorite, without having to get off the couch to plug in. Ahhh, an extra few feet of copper wire and--voila!--one more first-world problem solved.

The braided MFi-certified 10' lightning cable also contains an Apple-verified serial number and authorization clip. It is up for grabs at 33% off retail value for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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