Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

Posted: June 18, 2016
Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

While it sounds like a calibrated method of torture, bone conduction is actually a natural human feature. When we hear sounds, they reach us by traveling through both our eardrums and our bones. These bone phones...as it were...from SainSonic have honed the bone...as it were...and use vibrations deliver sound exclusively through our face and skull.

The upside to SainSonic headphones' bone conduction method is that it unblocks your ears during use, so you can still hear car engines, horns, people shouting, dogs barking--all the things you'd like to use your headphones to block out, but that could present a safety concern depending on where you're using them. And, no joke, the other day I saw a dude rocking out at a bus stop completely ignore a bus driver pull up, wave and yell at him to see if he needed to get on the bus, and finally drive off. The second the bus pulls away the dude looks up, jumps up, and starts chasing after it because he has finally returned to reality and realized he just missed his bus.

In addition to not requiring ear canals, SainSonic headphones also do not require wires. The Bluetooth devices wrap around your head and rest on your cheeks cord-free. They connect to devices up to 10 meters away, including smartphones for conversations and conference calls. They also pair with Siri if you're an iPhone user.

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