Bobine Blackout Flexible iPhone Charging Dock

By: on April 27, 2016
Bobine Blackout Flexible iPhone Charging Dock

A Wired pick for favorite gadget/piece of gear in 2014, the Bobine Blackout is a charging cable, a dock, and a perpetually-charmed cobra for your iPhone. The flexible 24" cable bends to many heights and angles for customized side-by-side texting and computing, or hands-free phone use. Bobine can also serve as an iPhone camera tripod or, as I'd prefer to think of it, a Selfie Snake.

The flexible charging dock can bend into whatever Cirque-style contortion you need to see your phone best, and is made of virtually indestructible military-grade nickel-plated steel so it can hold the position strong and stable indefinitely. Bobine's cable is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, and fits most cases with the bottom of the iPhone open. The Blackout uses an Apple-approved MFi Lightning to USB Type-A connector.

Blackout Everywhere mounts include a USB mount, an extender cable, and an Auto mount for hands-free calls, GPS use, and audio streaming in the car. An Auto-specific edition includes a pair of dash stabilizer mounts.

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