Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote

Posted: January 17, 2015
Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote
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A TV-B-Gone kit for the pranksters and boob tube haters who want to shut it down, a Blumoo for the electronics whores who want to crank it up and control all of their home theater gadgetry from the gadgetry of their smartphone. This Bluetooth hub pairs with iOS and Android models to turn phones into universal remotes for all of your favorite in-house electronic devices.

In addition to eliminating the stack of remotes cluttering up your coffee table and swimming lost with the coins and Skittles in your couch cushion, Blumoo has a 150' range of Bluetooth connectivity so while you're on the crapper Google Imaging that chick from the Game of War commercial, you can also flip from the networks to ESPN when college basketball suddenly turns into a spiritual pathway infomercial. Blumoo also comes with music streaming functionality. It's interface features a custom TV guide based on your service, postal code, and preference. The system can control over 225,000 A/V components and requires no Wi-Fi setup or secondary connection.

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