Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Posted: October 15, 2014
Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Water resistance and suction cups join forces to create this rechargeable Bluetooth Shower Speaker, and Dude Exclusives and frugality join forces to offer it to you for $39, 60% off retail, for a limited time!

Whether you're singing like a nightingale or screaming like a banshee the Bluetooth Shower Speaker proposes to be your backing track in the shower. The water-resistant, wireless speaker automatically pairs with any Bluetooth-fitted music device--phone, tablet, or PC--for remote output 30+ feet away. Its control keypad enables starting/stopping the tunes, as well as volume control and song skipping.

The speaker's built-in Bluetooth microphone and Siri compatibility also allow bathers to make calls from and answer their connected smartphones remotely so whomever is calling can feel either turned on, weirded out, or repulsed that their crush/hot trainer/fat uncle/wrong number is chatting with them naked and soapy.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker batteries run for 5 to 6 hours of play, and the cable for recharging them is included in the speaker package. A suction cup attachment affixes the palm-sized donuts to shower and bathroom walls, or any water-exposed surface in need of rocking out.

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