BLOCKS Smartwatch

Posted: July 17, 2016
BLOCKS Smartwatch

BLOCKS band together to form a fully customizable and forever alterable smartwatch. The collection consists of hardware, sensor, app, and "dummy" (for sizing) modules that snap onto each other, and then connect to a center wristwatch to form the piece of wearable tech that best suits your individual needs. Further, when those needs change, or when inevitable tech upgrades debut, instead of buying a new device, you can just swap out the BLOCKS you don't need at the moment for the ones you do.

Existing BLOCK modules can do anything from tell the time to receive phone calls to provide navigation services to perform gesture-controlled actions. The company also maintains open software and hardware platforms, so any company or person can develop apps or build BLOCKS themselves. At this point the pre-order hardware library includes the following BLOCKS modules:

  • Display (multiple styles)
  • Extra Battery
  • Heart Rate
  • GPS
  • Adventure (3-in-1 sensor combining digital humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors in one)
  • Flashlight
  • Programmable Button (assign it to anything--a function on your watch, phone, or other connected devices)
  • Camera

The BLOCKS smartwatch is currently on pre-order, and for a very limited time you can grab the Core Package, which includes the Core Module (watch face) and strap, at a 21% discount.

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