Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone

Posted: October 08, 2016
Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone

"Grand Master Pycelle...send a Bionic Bird to Casterly Rock." He's not a real raven, but this biomimetic drone is built and engineered to look so much like one that you'll definitely be able to use him to deliver apple bobbing and popcorn-ball-sharing invitations to all the hot Daeneryses at your Halloween parties this year.

The Bionic Bird charges in just 12 minutes when perched atop his (precious & adorable!) portable egg. When ready for flight, you'll pilot him using your smartphone, indoors or outdoors, at speeds up to 12MPH and a range of 325'. Flight time reaches up to 8 minutes, and The Furtive Drone can pop about 12 in conspicuous squats on his egg for a recharge before the egg itself needs more juice.

You can get your biomimetic wingman for 33% off retail value for a limited time.

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