Bio Bidet Luxury Bidet Systems

Posted: September 20, 2017
Bio Bidet Luxury Bidet Systems
$29.99 - $269.99
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These nether region-cleaning bidets are either discontinued models or way overpriced to begin with, because they're selling at deep, deep discounts. But if trying out a bidet at home has ever piqued your interest, one of Bio Bidets' attachment or full-seat installations could be a good place test the (spritzing, tickling) waters.

My only encounters with bidets have been at sushi restaurants, but I can attest that even with such limited exposure, I agree with their "luxury" descriptor. It seems like such a small (and weird) addition to the bathroom routine, but it's.... Let's just say when I go to sushi I sit down to do a #1, and stay in there for as long as I would if I had to do a major #2. If you go for a bidet like the Bio Bidet Divine, a warmed seat with warm streaming water you can set to oscillate, wide clean, pulsate, and massage your area, it's like an exotic spa experience. One you won't get arrested for.

The Bio Bidet Divine is the priciest of the 3 models available, since it includes a full replacement toilet seat and the widest range of functions. Bio Bidet's A3 sells as an attachment to your existing toilet / seat. It's self-cleaning, and requires not hose system to install. The "bidet wash" it sprays is ambient temperature (i.e., probably an eye-opener in the winter.)

If you'd like to upgrade to a warm spray, go with the Bio Bidet Envie, which offers continuous warm water as set by the user with the attachment's temperature control knob. Both Bio Bidet attachments give users control over water pressure.

Bio Bidet A3 and Envie attachments are selling for 84% and 87% off MSRP respectively; the $269.99 Divine is priced at a 69% discount.

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